Who Is The Strongest Avenger? This Will Surprise Marvel Fans

Avengers Strongest Person

The Avengers are often described as “Earth’s mightiest heroes” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, becoming more accurate as new heroes are added to the ever-growing roster with each film.

The strongest Avenger is a massive surprise to me, let alone any other Marvel fan, drum roll… it’s Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff.

The Avengers team is blessed with balanced people with god-like abilities and others who are just ordinary mortals. Even though fans may dismiss the characters as weak, they have proved that they are as powerful as the other characters, even though they might not be as strong. Who is the strongest Avenger, as well as who’s weakest? Let’s take a look.

19. Hawkeye, Kate Bishop

Although Kate Bishop is not technically an Avenger, she did receive Clint Barton’s endorsement, and he even suggested that he might even give her his name in the final scene of Hawkeye on Disney+. There’s also hope that she’s one of the individuals who will lead a Young Avengers team in the MCU. For her abilities, she’s not as powerful as the other characters.

Kate is a pro. There is no doubt about it. She can stand up against criminals like those of the Tracksuit Mafia, and she somehow managed to survive a fight with Wilson Fisk. But she’s still young, has plenty of training to complete with actual combat, and is a young talent that has room to grow.

18. Nick Fury

Nick Fury is the man who initiated the whole thing. Some people may not consider him to be a part of the Avengers; however, he was the person who helped bring the entire team together. He is the actual creator of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and he is also a formidable character on his own.

He was able to withstand an all-out attack from the Winter Soldier and helped battle Loki in the initial Avengers film. The real power lies in his leadership qualities and the things he can provide the team with. However, the man is no slouch when it comes to fighting and demonstrated his worth in Captain Marvel that he was able to be a formidable opponent to ordinary villains.

17. Hawkeye, Clint Barton, 17Haw

Even though he’s an extremely adept marksman, Clint Barton is often thought of as the weakest of the team due to his status as simply an ordinary guy sporting the bow and arrow. This certainly makes Hawkeye one of the least powerful Avengers.

Being at a higher level than others in the group is one of the most appealing aspects of his character. It gives him a sense of purpose and reaffirms him, mainly since it’s evident that he has a more significant stake than the rest of them. He also has a great deal of combat experience and has utilized it to lead stronger characters such as Wanda Maxmioff.

16. Ant-Man, Scott Lang

Ant-Man was primarily featured in comedy scenes. But if the chips were low and the Avengers required help defeating Thanos, Ant-Man stepped in and joined the team. He assisted the Avengers in learning more concerning The Quantum Realm and at least aiding them in saving the day.

Ant-Man is also very strong, considering that his strength is still high for his size. He can deliver a powerful punch even when nobody sees that he’s coming. But ultimately, Scott Lang is still not an experienced superhero and, as such, even in a strong suit, it’s not as effective as the majority of the Avengers.

15. Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff

While she’s an accomplished assassin Black Widow, also known as Natasha Romanoff, is still not at the top of the pile in terms of power. Like Hawkeye, she has proven that she can fight some of the Avenger’s tougher enemies like the Chitauri, the Ultron drones, and the Black Order.

She frequently has to rely on additional devices like the Black Widow’s bite and her batons and various firearms. Those items and her extensive experience as an assassin give her a slight advantage over the other people.

14. Falcon, Captain American, Sam Wilson

Sam Wilson is an ex-soldier equipped with a high-tech winged jetpack that he can fly and use in combat. Sam Wilson was recently named Captain America’s new character. Captain America has expressed concern about being the average guy with jetpacks. If the jetpack fails to work, he’s effectively out of combat against any super-powered being. However, the wings act as offensive and defensive tools and make him an ideal foe for villains of all kinds.

The more modern version of his suit worn during Captain America: Civil War is also equipped with various whistles and bells to aid him in his mission, like the drone he uses, Redwing. When he was in the battle between The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, he also proved his capability to hold his own against the people taking Super-Soldier’s serum.

13. Winter Soldier, White Wolf, Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes is among the many characters of the MCU who have an exact copy of the super-soldiers serum in his blood. However, his was invented by Zola. It is also interesting that the brand new arm, which was received from T’Challa, is made entirely of Vibranium and grants Bucky Barnes a distinct advantage.

But, as illustrated through Spider-Man In Civil War, this won’t be enough to take on any of the most powerful characters. Bucky is exceptionally likely to prevail in the majority of the fights that he’s involved in, but that won’t happen if he fought one of the strongest characters of the Avengers, which would put him at the bottom of the list.

12. Captain America, Steve Rodgers

Due to the super-soldier-like serum that runs through his veins, it is simple for fans to keep in mind that even though Steve Rogers is much stronger than the average human being, his strength is still lower contrasted with the other players in his group.

While he can prevent a helicopter from taking off with his fingers and jumping from a plane without a parachute, he is generally not an opponent to characters like Thanos and Loki. Naturally, however, he has a lot of respect from his peers. Cap is known for his unwavering determination to win in the battle, making him a formidable opponent to take down.

11. War Machine, James Rhods

There’s no reason to believe that War Machine can’t eclipse Iron Man in sheer power as the MCU advances. Since Tony Stark dead, Jim Rhodes appears to assume the role of an armored superhero of the MCU, and the story will unfold within the Armor Wars series on Disney+. War Machine also has things available to him that Iron Man never had.

War Machine has the U.S. Government behind him. The weapons he could use to enhance his arsenal could make War Machine one of the MCU’s most dangerous heroes. He also broke his lower back during Captain America: Civil War, and there’s no way to tell how strong he truly is because of his previous injuries.

10. Black Panther, T’Challa

The fate of Black Panther remains something the MCU has not yet decided on. In the meantime, the character is around until the MCU decides how to remove T’Challa from the scene of the film world. This implies the Black Panther is still technically an Avengers ally and is extremely impressive.

He is a powerful man with the backing of a government behind his back. However, this also means that he is restricted by the actions he can take to protect his nation. In terms of the pure power that he is possessed, he holds the strength to be a Panther. His Vibranium suit and weapons can make him an incredibly formidable adversary to any, regardless of his power degree.

9. Iron Man, Tony Stark

Tony Stark is the final member of the Avengers that isn’t an enhanced human in any way or another. However, there’s a reason why Iron Man is one of the group’s top members. First of all, he’s the first superhero to make an appearance in the Marvel franchise. In addition, Tony has a brilliant intellect which is nearly impossible to match among the other Avengers.

In the time of the MCU, Tony’s armor has evolved to the point that he has the answer to any problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s a battle against Hulk, fixing a damaged ferry, or even chasing the ship in space; Tony can handle everything.

8. Shang-Chi

The latest installment in the MCU Shang-Chi is set to debut at the beginning of 2021 with Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings. Technically speaking, he’s no longer an official part of the team. Still, his post-credits encounter with Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers in the post-credits scene indicates that he’ll be in a significant role in the future.

If you’re looking for pure hand-to-hand combat, you will not be able to beat Shang-Chi. He has trained all his existence in this discipline and even beat his father in this kind of fight. Shang-Chi also blends that with the lessons he received through his maternal side and his knowledge of the Ten Rings themselves, making his feat even more remarkable.

7. Spider-Man, Peter Parker

He’s not the smallest Avenger however, there is no doubt the strength Peter Parker is. His skills in the role of Spider-Man have made him tough enough to block Bucky Barnes’ steel arm easily, capture an unmoving vehicle, raise a structure that fell over him as well even go toe-to-toe head in battle with Thanos.

The biggest obstacle that holds Spider-Man from achieving a higher rank is that others in the Avengers are among the most powerful beings that have ever existed. It’s almost impossible to surpass them. Additionally, Parker’s age is another problem for him, which causes him to make rash decisions which could be detrimental when he is competing against more powerful competitors.

6. Vision

The vision was invented by Ultron and created through the collective effort of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and Thor. The body of Vision is composed of an amalgamation of organic tissue and Vibranium, which makes him extremely strong.

The power he has is the result of the Mind Stone on his forehead that lets him emit the laser beam and control his other array of abilities, such as manipulating density. He also holds the distinction of being among the few characters thought to be worthy by Mjolnir and was also a favorite of Thor and Captain America. The character was felt by many to be one of the greatest characters before his debut in the series, including Scarlet Witch, Corvus Glave along with Thanos, among the few characters that could defeat his character onscreen.

5. Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange

Stephen Strange. Stephen Strange was trained by the Ancient One in Kamar-Taj and was named the guardian of New York Sanctum Sanctorum after the demise of Daniel Drumm. With little education, Strange was able to fight Kaecilius and his band of zealots and develop a time loop powerful enough to entrap Dormammu for an indefinite duration of time.

In the year Avengers: Endgame, he was skilled enough to fight Thanos and had many Infinity Stones. His vast knowledge of the mystic arts gives him many abilities, including the ability to see to the distant future, which makes him an excellent member of the best defenses. Perhaps, once he has mastered the subject of the mystic arts, he’ll become a top player.

4. Hulk, Bruce Banner

There was a time when Hulk was considered the strongest of members of the Avengers. In comics, Hulk seems to be the strongest of all the Avengers. But He has had his share of struggles and triumphs throughout the MCU through the decades. The first was that Bruce Banner and Hulk had issues communicating, which led the latter to be in fights that he should not have.

While the two have been able to mend the fence and are working together, Hulk is always at his best when he’s angry. However, his persona has been lacking in the recent MCU films as the character isn’t quite as violent as he was before. This means that he’s lagging behind his fellow actors.

3. Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers

Thanks to her capabilities, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, is the subject of debate about who the most powerful character within the MCU is. Although she’s only been in two films to date, her accomplishments have already been displayed, and she’s one of the best.

Not just was she able to destroy a whole collection of Kree ships as they traveled towards Earth within Captain Marvel, but she also could take down Thanos his ship in just one strike, go head to head with the Mad Titan himself, and even take a blow by The Power Stone without scratching.

2. Thor

Thor is the most powerful member of the first team, considering his status as the literal God. He experienced a massive boost in power after what transpired in Thor: Ragnarok following losing Mjolnir and finding out that his hammer was not the sole source of his power.

Even without his legendary weapon, he proved strong enough to fight Hela’s army of the dead. He also showed his endurance and strength using the full power of a superhero during Avengers: Infinity War when creating his brand new weapon called Stormbreaker and almost eliminating Thanos in the final moments of the movie. Then he went on to take down Thanos at the end of Avengers: Endgame this is no small achievement.

1. Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff

Scarlet Witch has always been the Avenger with the most significant untapped potential. She was able to destroy the Infinity Stone in Infinity Warwhich while trying to keep Thanos back with her other hand. She was also just a few steps away from being killed by Thanos at the end of The Endgame leading to her needing to concentrate all his weaponry on his ship to kill her.

It was enough to place her among the top, but Wanda Maximoff, known as Scarlet Witch, is the most formidable Avenger currently. This was evident from the film, WandaVision the movie, in which she delved deeper into her powers by taking over a whole town and, in essence, the ability to bring Vision back in some way or another. Her chaotic magic has transformed her into “the Scarlet Witch,” and her ability to use her power to the limit isn’t an issue anymore.

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