What to Eat to Gain Weight – 4 Eating Tips to Gain Weight

What to eat to gain weight

When new trainees come in and want to know what to eat to gain weight, the answer is usually a blunt one: “More”. More food of any type is needed, and few people realize that while there are some good quality food choices for weight gain, that most of the results are going to come from quantity of food and have little to do with quality.

With that said, eating can be a serious chore when trying to put on large amounts of muscle and overall body weight. Finding a few reliable options to turn to when you just don’t want to stuff any more food down is crucial to success and meaningful weight gain.

Whole Milk

Perhaps the best food to eat is not really something you eat. Whole milk is not all that fun to drink when you drink a gallon each day, but it will put weight on nearly anyone who is willing to drink plenty of it and workout hard. It has a good amount of fat, carbohydrates, and plenty of protein to spur new growth and keep you feeling full and strong for a long time.

At over two thousand calories per gallon, whole milk should be a bodybuilding staple for everyone who can tolerate it.

Healthy Carbohydrate & Fat Sources

A great natural option is to find healthy carbohydrate and fat sources to eat between meals. A fantastic strength coach by the name of Dan John has recommended taking several bagels each day, cutting them in half, and smearing them with peanut butter to make a little peanut butter bagel sandwich.

Eat one of these between each meal for a hefty dose of calories to help fill you up and sneak in more food. Learning what to eat to gain weight doesn’t seem so bad when you are eating peanut butter sandwiches on any type of bagel you want!

Fatty Meat

Another great recommendation is to get away from the lean meats, and start looking for more of the fattier options. More pork, chicken thighs, and high fat red meat. If the fat content is excessive, you can cut away the visible fat and still have plenty of extra calories that will help to add up your daily count and add meat to your frame.

Salads & Fiber Sources

Finally, is the need to eat enough roughage that you keep a healthy digestive tract. Eating salads and other fiber sources are not the best way to add calories, but you can still make them work. If you are eating a salad, a weight gaining phase is a great time to add dressings and other toppings to be sure that you have a balance of healthy ingredients with the vegetables, and hearty ingredients with the toppings. You get the best of both worlds in this case.

Learning what to eat to gain weight is not overly difficult. it just takes a conscious effort to commit to eating plenty of good food, and learning a few tricks to boost your calorie count without feeling stuffed and bloated all day.

Mike Geary

Mike Geary

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