Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding

Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding

“Jordan Peters Quits Bodybuilding after the death of Andy Haman” The headline itself is self-explanatory as it focuses on the fact that Jordan Peters was so highly affected by the passing of his mentor and role model that he decided to take his plans as far as the sport of competitive bodybuilding is concerned.

If you’re not aware of who are, Jordan Peters is a NABBA Pro Bodybuilder with an immense online following. On the 28th of March 2021, he announced to the world at large that he would be not competing in bodybuilding and left his fans and followers stunned beyond belief. Source: Fitness Volt

This announcement comes in following the tragic death of Andy Haman. It is vital to mention that Peters greatly influenced Andy and believed him as his mentor and role model. It is well-known that Haman suffered a pulmonary embolism and died following his elbow surgery on the 9th of March. While there is no evidence of his death as a result of steroid abuse or use, however, it is thought that the adolescent use of steroids may have weakened his body and his heart system, which led to his premature death.

It’s a sad reality that bodybuilders competing in competition are addicted to steroids today as the usage of steroids is so extensive that it is affecting their health earlier or later or even leading to premature death. Take a look at the bodybuilders who died young due to the use of steroids.

Additionally, Peters is known to mention his friend’s death IFBB Pro Luke Sandoe in April 2020 as a factor in his decision to leave the sport that has been affected by excessive use of steroids and other drugs.

If you’re familiar with his records, Peters has been quite sincere and open about his use of steroids. In actuality, the majority of his followership on social media stems from his open talk about how he has been capable of putting on massive amounts of weight and keeping it.

It is important to note that most bodybuilders be quiet about their use of steroids, however, Peters is refreshing as he has been honest about his history with steroids. (Sadly there are only a few people such as Rob Riches who pride themselves on being natural and very natty. )

The recent spate of fatalities within the bodybuilding world which includes the death of Dallas McCarver in 2017 has been one of the main elements in Peters’s attempt to cut down on the use of steroids. On one of his blog posts, Peters has been known to have said that he would stop taking Trenbolone along with other anabolics. He prefers a moderate TRT (testosterone treatment) program.

I’d like to stress the fact that Trenbolone is the strongest steroid and can cause extremely serious negative side negative effects. Find out more about Tren Cycle (as another alternative that is safe) on this page.

In the course of one Instagram post, he’s reported to have stated that he hates injecting himself with steroids and that, even while he’s gotten huge in terms of weight but he is not feeling well after the current routine of mass.

Here’s a portion of his latest Insta post @trainedbyjp

The past week or so Corinne as well as I’ve been discussing a lot about the direction I’m heading in for myself and I’ve been talking about it increasing in recent times with regards to wanting to end the use of drugs and figure out the options I have and ways I could consider a trt dosage. I had planned to continue pushing through the whole year, but I’m really hating injecting. I’m miserable being overweight and I’m feeling less well !


If an athlete like Mass Monster like Jordan Peters has quit bodybuilding in competition, it’s about time other bodybuilders pay attention to the harmful adverse effects that steroids can have on their bodies. They need to be aware of the dangers of taking steroids and strive to remain as clean as they can.

Arnold stated, “I want bodybuilding to remain a clean sport”. Although everyone is aware that bodybuilders today are deeply in this mess There is some hope when guys like Peters are out and speak about cutting steroids.

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