Does Anthony Joshua Use Steroids?

Is Anthony Joshua On Steroids?

The consecutive two-time heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, was recently accused of using steroids. Anthony has repeatedly denied this, proving to be the straight-talking man he is.

When a reporter asked him about the rumor, Anthony Joshua smiled before firmly stating, “I take it as a compliment, but no, I don’t take steroids.”

Is Anthony Joshua On Steroids?

I am firmly convinced from my many year’s experience in bodybuilding that Anthony Joshua is not taking any steroid drugs. Take a look below for why I believe this:

  • The ability to be huge is a trait that runs in his blood, as evident by his father’s physique. He is a hard and disciplined trainer in the gym.
  • His credentials have been verified clearly and transparently by authentic organizations.
  • The transformation of his life is gradual and steady.
  • He doesn’t have the characteristics of someone who has taken steroids.

Despite being an extraordinarily toned and muscular man, Anthony Joshua remains natural-looking. His records have thus far fallen in his favor, which is why it would be unfair to accuse Anthony Joshua as a steroid user until it is proven that he is not.

Genetics & Physique

Joshua has frequently credited his father for his remarkable body and height and has claimed the size of his muscles is the result of excellent genetics teamed with nutrition and training. It is undisputed that Robert Joshua is a massive person with an impressive muscular structure for someone older than him.

In addition, black males are scientifically proven to produce more testosterone than white people, and this hormone aids in increasing the size of muscles. Anthony’s physique may result from incredible genetics and ethnicity.

Furthermore, Anthony’s physique is well-balanced, with an unbroken muscular tone that extends from his shoulders to his body, right down into his legs. Boxers are known for keeping their bodies trim and their feet and legs light to move quickly, as well as their torsos strong and toned to facilitate powerful punches and throws.

They do not use weights to strengthen them, and their strength training mainly focuses on the upper part of their body, specifically the shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If Joshua used steroids, there would be an enormous disparity between his upper and lower, making the difference evident.

Even though his upper body is hefty but his shoulders and arms do not have the rough, rock-like appearance that many bodybuilders using steroids have.

Joshua’s body is the perfect example of what genetics that is awe-inspiring and hard work looks at when put together.

Transformation Over Time

The most popular way to determine if someone is using steroids is to see if they’ve gained a significant quantity of muscle mass in an unbelievably short amount of time. When Joshua entered the boxing ring in 2007 and took home at the Olympics that year, he was very fit. He wasn’t a professional boxer then, but he was working at his physical appearance. Since then, his body has been evolving, the changes slow but noticeable to his critics and fans alike.

When someone is using steroids, the muscles of his body become thicker and look constipated. Steroids can cause changes to the skin that can make it appear dry, get acne or appear flushed or red due to the increased blood pressure. These changes are not visible in Joshua, while his weight seems to be even. The changes are not drastic within a short time. However, his muscles have been developing slowly over the years.

Training & Technique

Training that is hard and constant and consistent throughout the years is not the only reason behind an athlete like Anthony Joshua. He trains twice every day, and each session can last for up to five hours. His workouts routines vary daily, mainly focusing on strengthening exercises that build his muscles and strength.

Cardio also raises the rate of his heart, burns calories, and increases stamina. This is what he does before the start of the day. There are several boxing and sparring to help him become more muscular.

He has an exercise session following breakfast, which can last for 40 minutes. During this time, it is possible to take a dip or run for miles (mostly outdoors) or cycle, whatever to get his heartbeat up. Exercises that are cardio-based help to hydrolyze weight (cutting them down) and increase muscle tone.

In his strength-training sessions in the afternoon, Joshua can lift as much as 300kg, which gives you an idea of his incredible strength and power. You cannot raise a third of a tonne in a single day, and it takes years of training to be able to lift that much.

He also consumes a significant amount of protein with his meals and takes supplements to build and strengthen his muscles. All of these contribute to his muscles’ natural muscle tone and strong appearance. They might otherwise appear bulky and swollen if using steroids.

Tested To Be Clear & Natural

Since his weight has dropped, he has gained more doubt and scrutiny from his fans.

The muscle mass has been significantly decreased, particularly in the deltoid and abdominal region, causing further concerns among those who criticize him. He appears smaller and lightweight due to his training regimen, and his training team concentrates on getting his weight lower to improve the speed of his fights and last the entire match.

But, he’s only lost around 12 pounds, which isn’t much compared to if he’d been taking steroids. He would have lost about the same weight had you stopped lifting weights. Additionally, the weight loss isn’t too dramatic or occurs in a short period, and the suspicions could be just speculation!

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson

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